photo of escape kit bag

Handy carrying bag for my escape kit

December is over and the Christmas rush is done for another year, but this is no time for slowing down. All those little fix-it, create-that, make-this, tidy-up projects have to get done. Shelves of magic stuff get rearranged and god forbid I find a sale on plastic storage bins because those things are coming home with me.

Saturday project #1 – a carrying bag for an escape routine I do. There’s rope, chains, padlocks, keys and a giant canvas bag that I get zipped up inside, the idea being that somehow I will escape from the entire lot. Until now the bits and pieces have just been stuffed in whatever cloth bag I have to hand but no longer! I now have a schmancy canvas bag with ‘ESCAPE KIT’ emblazoned on the side. You know. Because it makes people curious.