A week or so ago I was at home trying to install some kitchen cabinets and swearing a lot when a text message came through from a friend of mine, Fiona. She was spending the day with the wonderful Alan Doyle (formerly of Great Big Sea) and they were having coffee just down the road from me. Would I like to come and join them for a bit?

Would I?

I was there in four minutes. Alan was just as expected – a superb storyteller and a lovely, fun fellow. I try to make a point of not foisting magic on people but this time…I foisted. We even did a video call with his 12-year-old son back in St John’s so he could join in (apparently his son has developed an interest in magic lately).

Here’s a wee video clip. The sound is awful and I’ve cut it down significantly to keep it short, but as they say, pictures or it didn’t happen.