Back in 2005 while living in Orkney, Scotland, I set myself the goal of becoming the first magician in history to perform magic on every single inhabited island in Scotland. I discovered over time that this meant visiting and performing on 105 separate islands. I kept tons of notes and began writing a book about the experience (which took me 366 days in total – one year and one day), but when we moved back to Canada in 2007 I put it aside when things got busy.

Sadly that delay has now been eleven years.

But we all have goals and this has been eating away at me so I’ve finally decided to suck it up and get down to work on it. I began by printing off the rough draft of the book and you can see the results in the photo. If I published it as a book right now, it would be about 550 pages which is way longer than anyone than my own mother would want to read, and she’s dead now so I have to do some serious editing to make this thing appealing to people.

It’s looking pretty daunting. Even labelling the island numbers throughout the book has taken me hours and hours. My goal – for now – is to try to get it roughly edited over the next three months. Six months until I want to have it completely done.

And if all goes well I might publish a photo book as well.