Malcolm Russell and Jon Kimura Parker sharing a bow in front of audience

performing with Jon Kimura Parker

Another real treat recently. My friend Jenn works with the Honens International Piano Competition and they wanted something…different…as part of their VIP donor appreciation nights. Long story short, I got to work with the marvellous Jon Kimura Parker, one of the best pianists in the world, putting together an hour-long recital/magic show.

I have to say it went exceptionally well – the music and magic alternated and flowed into one another thematically, and the entire performance went without a hitch. Parker even provided musical accompaniment to a routine I usually use recorded music for. “It’s not really a piano piece,” he said when I told him what I usually perform to, “but I think it goes like this…” and then he played it perfectly from start to finish, off the top of his head. Remarkable. What a night. Two, actually.