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The current situation with Covid-19 and restrictions on gatherings may have changed things for many of us, but the good news is that live entertainment is still with us! We can’t meet in person, but Malcolm Russell is now offering live online shows from the comfort of his home studio. Get dressed up or come in sweatpants: either way we can get together for some wonderfully-crafted magic and humour that is every bit as interactive as if we were meeting face to face!

Shows can be tailored to your budget and time constraints, but are usually 30 or 45 minutes long.






























“He has the most important things:


 personality, originality and timing.”

– M Nishizaka, event producer, Japan



So now you’re curious!


Who exactly am I? 


My name’s Malcolm Russell and I’m a magician.

But you figured that much out on your own, didn’t you, you smart cookie!


I live near Calgary, Alberta, and I perform around the city and across Alberta, B.C. and Saskatchewan, mostly, but I go wherever people are in desperate need of really, really good entertainment.

I do two different types of magic: firstly, close-up ‘strolling’ magic (also called walkabout magic, mix-and-mingle magic, or table magic); and secondly, stand-up stage shows where I perform a proper show in front of a seated audience (think fundraiser shows, school shows, corporate Christmas dinners, community awards nights, street festivals, private house parties, engagement/anniversary parties and the like.)

In other words, if you’ve got an event coming up chances are I’ve got something that’ll work perfectly for you. A wedding? Sure. Fundraiser show? Certainly. Funeral? Why not. I’ve done those before. My job is to bring people together, break the ice, make people laugh, get them excited, make them wonder.


“But HOW? And WHY?”


               I’m insatiably curious. I figure: 

               1. the world is unbelievably fascinating,
               2. people are nice,
               3. we’re all going to die eventually, and
               4. there’s too much to learn and see and try and experience to fit into one lifetime, but dammit, I’m going to do my best.


It’s thrilling to share with audiences the wierd and wonderful skills and stories that have come my way, and piece by piece those things seep into my performances. People say I’m ‘engaging’, and that’s really my goal – to bridge the gap between performer and audience and to have people leave my shows feeling that they’ve seen the impossible, felt enthusiasm, shared a sense of excitement and amazement, had a fun night out and even – I hope – made a new friend. 


“He’s one of the delightful few who can capture the attention of an audience and keep them endlessly interested in what’s happening, from small groups to audiences of thousands.” – R. Jameson, Royal Bank of Scotland 

If you’ve never seen me live, try coming for a meal at the Earls restaurant in Westhills (Stewart Green SW) in Calgary. I perform table magic for guests most Friday and Saturday nights from 5~8pm. You’re welcome to email or text me beforehand to make sure I’ll be there on the night as my performing schedule frequently takes me away on weekends.

Corporate entertainment

Malcolm Russell is the glue to hold together your corporate awards night, Christmas party, product launch or convention.

Community events

Superb magic and a wonderful atmosphere for your community festival, awards night and more.

Malcolm Russell takes his shows across Alberta, B.C., Saskatchewan and further afield.

Wedding reception magic

Keep the atmosphere bright and fun and break the ice between your guests with close-up strolling magic during cocktails

Family Shows

School shows, reunions, street festivals and parties. Magic and the occasional bit of meat cleaver juggling….what could possibly go wrong?

Family Shows

School shows, reunions, street festivals and parties. Magic and the occasional bit of meat cleaver juggling…what could possibly go wrong?

Wedding Reception Magic

Keep the atmosphere bright and fun and break the ice between your guests with close-up strolling magic during cocktails

Community Events

Superb magic and a wonderfulatmosphere for your community festival, awards night and more.

Malcolm Russell takes his show across Alberta, B.C, Saskatchewan and further afield.

Corporate Entertainment

Malcolm Russell is the glue to hold together your corporate awards night, Christmas party, convention or product launch.


Close-up strolling magic

Close-up strolling magic

Pure sleight-of-hand entertainment under the closest scrutiny! Malcolm brings your guests together, breaks the ice and energizes the atmosphere in the room. Your guests are guaranteed to have a wonderful time and leave with lasting memories of a fascinating night. Ideal for mix-and-mingle events, wedding receptions, busy parties and dinner occasions – anywhere that you have people socializing!
The Malcolm Russell Show

The Malcolm Russell Show

Malcolm’s polished routines, dry wit and ready banter make him a huge hit with audiences. His interactive comedy sleight-of-hand show is tailored to the audience of the day, whether it’s families, schoolkids or an all-adult group.
The Cabinet of Curiosities

The Cabinet of Curiosities

Malcolm weaves a tale of spycraft, intrigue and psychology in this fascinating adult show. What mysteries lie within the Cabinet of Curiosities? There’s only one way to find out! A smart show for sophisticated audiences, delving into the world of mentalism (mind-reading) and psychological influence, predictions and offbeat magic.
Parker Doodlebug

Parker Doodlebug

Eccentric inventor and creator Parker Doodlebug is here to bring the 1870s back to life without the smelly bits. Having created the world’s first true panacea – Parker Doodlebug’s Patented Snake Oil Liniment – he is eager to demonstrate its properties to the world through magic, juggling and comedy. The only problem is that  no one seems to believe him! Join him as he introduces you to mysteries and dubious technology from the future past!
Not From Around Here

Not From Around Here

What could be better than one world-class magician? TWO world class magicians! Malcolm Russell is joined by Japanese sensation Atsushi Ono for a clever and hilarious two-man performance ideal for more theatrical venues and events. Their onstage chemistry, quirky humour and energy make this a highly original show, and an audience favourite. They can also be joined by third teammate comedian Barry ‘Da Newfie MC’ Crane, whose friendly energy and offbeat sense of humour will have tears running down your cheeks.



– O. Cliff

Keep in touch!

“He treats every person he interacts with as if they are the only person in the room, completely drawing you in and engaging your full attention. His magic is fabulous of course, but his delivery makes it all the more classy and memorable.”

                   – M. M., Worley Parsons


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phone: (403) 860 8132

Give me a ring and let’s see what kind of fun we can put together. 

Send me a message right now! I'd love to hear from you. (Please include a phone number just in case.)

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